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Students who participate in Dance at TLC will learn easy positions and vocabulary that allows them to respond on cue to rhythmatic movement. The students will also begin to develop the memory and creative expression needed to perform in a recital. Our dance instructor has years of experience teaching and coordinating performances. The instructor enjoys teaching preschoolers by incorporating fun activities that promote self-esteem.

Fun & Fitness

The Fun & Fitness Program at TLC allows our students to remain active with equipment that gives them a fun filled work out in a safe learning environment. The fitness coach is a former early childhood educator and experienced fitness instructor who provides age appropriate activities that keep the children attentive and interested in skills that promote balance, coordination and good sportsmanship. Combining fun with fitness is our aim; maintaining great health is our mission for life!

Spanish for Preschoolers

Students who participate in Spanish at TLC will be exposed to art, music, games, stories and more. Our Spanish class is age-appropriate and provides an English and Spanish vocabulary that your children are sure to remember for years to come.

Bilingual students who enter the class will enjoy learning new vocabulary and the opportunity to socialize with other students who speak English and Spanish. Our Spanish class will give your child a head start to a bright multi-cultural adventure.

Testimonials from our Spanish Enrichment

“We were at dinner and our waiter was clearly a spanish speaker. Without skipping a beat my child said to him ¿Cómo estás? And they traded buenos back and forth. I could have cried I was so proud. Since neither my husband nor I speak spanish we consider this a huge milestone. Thank you Ms. Carolina!”

Computer Technology

At The Learning Center Preschool, children ages two to five are engaged in computer activities during the academic day. These activities enhance their hand-eye coordination, increase their knowledge of technology, and expose them to basic keyboarding skills through programs specifically designed for their academic level. These programs aid in the review of basic concepts such as: color, letter and sound recognition.

Exposure to the computer does not exceed fifteen to twenty minutes per child. Computer activities complement the hands-on activities our children complete as a result of emergent curriculum and well developed lesson plans.

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