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Online Games

Below is a list of some of the games we played as kids. Games are a great way to spend quality time with your child and have fun at the same time.

1. I Spy
One person looks for an object inside or outside the car. After they find an object they say “I spy with my little eye something that begins with…”. Then you have to say the first letter of the object. The first person who finds out the object is “It”.

2. Red light, green light
Is a game played mostly by children. The “it”; person stands at one end of the playing field, with the rest of the players at the other end. “It” turns their back to the others and calls out “Green light!” The players then run as fast as they can towards “it”. At any time, “it” can face the players, calling out “Red light,” and the others must freeze in place. If anyone fails to stop, they are out or must return to the starting line. Other variations include calling out “Yellow light” as a diversion, or where they must walk instead of run to “it”. Calling Yellow Light has no consequence. The first player to reach the person who is “it” wins and becomes “it” for the next round. In certain regions this game may be known as “sneak up on granny”; in this version the person who is “it” is the “granny”, and does not call out “red light” or “green light”.3.

4. Red Rover
Players on a team hold hands, forming a “chain”. The leader of a team will call a player from the opposing team. That player must try and break through two players’ hands (a link) to stay on their own team. If the player is not able to break through the link, that team will gain control of that player. Before a player would try to break the link, the link would normally say “Red Rover, red Rover, we call _________ (player’s name) over!”.

Typically, the weaker players are chosen first to increase the chance of taking them. When only one player is left on a team, they must try and break through a link. If they do not succeed, the opposing team wins. Otherwise, they are able to get a player back for their team.

The game can be a potentially painful experience. For example, when the runner breaks through a link (or attempts to break through), it can hurt the linkers’ arms, or body depending on if he falls or gets bruised by somebody’s bones.

5. Simon Says
One person is chosen to be “Simon” the others stand in a strait line. The simon then calls out an action for the children to follow. It can be anything like… touch your toes jump 10 times on 1 foot… The simon when giving an action can simply state the action by it self…”touch your ears” and whoever does it is out and has to sit down. Or the simon can say “Simon says, touch your ears” and them everyone must follow the instruction. You can vary the actions according to the age group of children you are playing with. The last person who is standing can then be “Simon”!

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